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Update by user Jan 10, 2013

TJ, you are a piece of ***!!!! Now the whole world knows..

Update by user Jan 10, 2013

monetary loss- $5400 and one year of no boat

Update by user Sep 08, 2012

TJ Keeney is a TOOL THIEF!!! He has rebuffed my repeated calls to him for return of my Mercruiser shaft alignment tools and my ignition parts. TJ, YOU ARE A TURD MECHANIC!!

Original review posted by user Aug 04, 2012

My boat was a filthy, neglected's pics.

Can't believe he did this, abject disrespect and I don't want anyone else to get burned by him. He dodged phone calls, would not tell me where the boat was, got his uncle who was my friend and who had recommended him strongly to cover for him. The boat had a fresh 4 bolt main 350 that locked up from being rained and snowed on and the dash does not power up anymore. He did not have to accept the work in the first place.

He is supposed to have gone to MME marine mechanic school.I hope not.

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Chantilly, Virginia, United States #685680

I know someone who bought a 350 chevy motor from TJ who said it burned oil and didnt have much power when he put it in his pickup. He tore it down for a rebuild and found it to be a worthless 267 when the new 350 pistons didnt fit. TJ Keeney is a shifty punk wannabee junk dealer and my friend wants to spit on him.

TJ Keeneys Boat Repair - TJ's (TJ Keeney) boat Repair of Midland, VA left my boat out in the weather and in pieces.

Tampa, Florida 1 comment
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Took my boat to TJ's to get the rubber parts around the outdrive fixed and he left it dissambled in the yard with the cover off and the engine cover lying on the ground next to the boat to get rained on.It was there for months and he didn't ever seem to finish it ant he quit answering the phone when I called.

His uncle would cover for him and say how great he was and what he was doing for the boat and covering for him when he would not answer the phone.

I was across the country and thought my boat was getting fixed for the winter but this was not so, he left it disassembled with the outdrive and cover in the weeds and the boat was full of water and leaves.TJ (Tom) Keeney is a disrespectful liar and a turd and RUN if you go to a shop and see him there.

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missing the parts I paid for plus my alignment tool he borrowed.

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